Monday, March 22, 2010

New Stuff in the Etsy Shop

I finished another baby name sign last week, and put the pics up in my Etsy store.
It was a last minute rush order, but I think it came out really cute!


The sign was done to match the "Sophie" bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.


Believe it or not it's alot harder to match a sign to a simple bedding set--there's just not a whole lot to work with! And Pottery Barn doesn't offer very good online photos for color matching. I still think it came out adorable.

When the customer called another family member to find out the baby's exact name spelling (it was a shower gift), she found out the baby had been born that day! 4 weeks early! But she was over 5 lbs, and both mom and baby were doing well. :-)

And in other Etsy news....

googiedaddy's getting in on the action!

ummm...I mean, he's selling. Stuff. In the Etsy shop. (and I'm soooo not changing the name. ha.)

A few years back he came up with a design for a jewelry box, which he made me for our anniversary. (awwww, he's so cute like that!)

Its a gorgeous original design, and now he's going to start taking custom orders!

jewelry box

jewelry box

This jewelry box is different than anything we've ever seen, ANYWHERE. You have the choice of mixing and matching four different wood types. (I think a maple/black walnut combo would be stunning...maybe another one for googiemomma? Eh, I don't have enough jewels to justify two jewelry boxes!)

There's more photos and info at the Etsy shop you can find if you clickity click -------this way-------->
(shameless plug, this whole post)

So thats it for now! I have three more signs to do this week, and I'll put up pics of them as soon as they're finished!
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