Monday, July 22, 2013


+ today’s plans +

swim lessons. we are more than halfway through summer, and i feel like we’re just getting started. the insane heat wave that held the northeast captive in our homes for the last…err..forever (it feels like) has finally ‘broken’ because today it’s going to be only 84 degrees and  feel like only 98 degrees, instead of being 98 and feeling like 132. maybe now we can actually go outside?


+ today’s crazy +

the video for imagine dragons “radioactive”. whatever sick and twisted mind came up with this: i think i love you. (maybe NSFchildren…they could have nightmares mwahahaha)

loved this song before. love it more now.

+ today’s writing +

a post about my experiences last week at a new doctor. it’s a tough one. i’m going at it in bits + pieces. emotions: i haz dem.

+ today’s soundbite +


jeremy to gigi: did you call me?
gigi: no. i didn’t. maybe you just heard it in your head. like somebody talking.
j: yeah, maybe that’s what it was.
g: yeah cause sometimes dat happens to me like i hear people talking in my head.
j: o.O

she has voices. in her head. #notsurprised

+ today’s deep thought +

this post about yelling at our children. had me thinking hard. reallllly hard. i admit: i’m a yeller. i come from a long line of yellers. and i battle it every. single. day.

+ today’s recipe +

summertime = cookouts and hamburgers. new goal: never ever ever buy hamburger rolls again. this recipe is insanely fast and easy and you look like the bomb. oh, these delicious rolls? yeah, i just whipped them up.

enjoy your day, loves. googiemomma out.

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