Thursday, January 31, 2013

market dress

i took these photos under duress. not my own personal duress, but the duress of my children. they wanted absolutely no parts of dressing up and brushing hair and taking pictures on this particular day.

i made them do it anyway. i pleaded and cajoled and handed out lollipops.

that night they both came down with fevers, and gigi ended up with the flu for the next week.

that’s Spectacular Parenting, for the win.

all the photos looked like garbage.

that’s paybacks, or just desserts, or whatever.


that stupid emoticon does not sufficiently represent the face i’m making as i explain all this, but you get the gist, right?

it’s like this:


(that’s a gift, from me to you)

anyway…initially i rejected all the pics and figured i’d reshoot later. here we are 3 weeks later and i lack the desire or initiative to go through the entire process again. my sparse posting of late is the effect of busy weeks full of, well, busy-ness leaving me with a total lack of desire to blog—or truthfully, do anything not absolutely necessary. the upcoming week is looking to be just as crazy as i temporarily become the mother of eight, versus my normal five. (!) i’m so out of the rhythm that i even considered a vlog, just so i didn’t have to type. but i’m unshowered (another thing i don’t feel like doing), and i can’t remember the last time i brushed my teeth, so i’ll spare you that.

so you get unworthy market dress pictures, attitude crazy soon-to-be-very-sick eyes and all.


i’ve been holding on to this fabric for a while. it was an impulse buy, irresistable with it’s cute little animals heading to market. the muted colors are soft and pretty.


i bought plain seafoam green cotton for the base and made a simple dress—full skirted with some pintucks on the bottom.


i do love me some pintucks.


grey and white buttons adorn the apron top and the two big pockets on the skirt.


the back—which i apparently completely neglected to photograph—closes with a button placket. i didn’t extend it quite far enough down, so it’s a bit of a squeeze getting it on. oops. ;)


together i think the dress is cute, but maybe lacking a little something? i’m not sure. i do like the non-traditional color, and the little faux apron effect is cute.

another thing to note: why yes, she is standing on our new dining room table. the face for that statement is different than the one above. it’s more a cheese grin, thusly:


also known as the “don’t be mad husband, look at what a good backdrop it makes!” face.

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