Wednesday, January 9, 2013


what i planned on posting today was photos of elliot’s little golden books dress. i ironed it and fixed her hair and took about 2 dozen completely unusable photos.

stupid overcast not-bright-enough-for-indoor-pictures weather.

i ignored the inner voice telling me that it wasn’t happening and pressed on stubbornly, even to the point of sitting down here to edit the pics and write up the post after everyone had gone to sleep.

stupid stubborn-not-caring-that-i-know-the-pics-are-blurry person.

i’ve been having trouble getting back into the swing of blogging. i think it’s still the whole exercise & diet vs. everything else thing.

so when i realized my pics were a bust, i scrolled through my photo album looking for a magical unblogged project to appear.

spoiler alert: it didn’t.

stupid not-appearing-magically-perfectly-shot-and-styled-project-photos.

also, i may be in a bit of a funk. just sayin’.

so instead i give you a couple shots i took of ava a few weeks ago.


the sun was just right, and she was the closest kid. i forced her to stand still for a couple of minutes, despite the fact that she absolutely HATES getting her picture taken.


i have to beg her for a smile, this one. she’s got two sides: silly and ‘eh, whatev”. i almost wrote “serious” instead, but it’s not that she’s serious. far from. at her last parent-teacher conference i sat down and the teacher said to me “oh ava. i always say about ava if this was the 60’s she’d be my hippie flower child. nothing bothers ava. ever. and nothing concerns her. ever.”


and she’s absolutely right. 95% of the time the kid is unflappable and even tempered. 4% super silly and 1%…well, i’ll leave that one percent to the imagination. ;)

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