Tuesday, November 27, 2012

gains, losses, introspection, and changes

so, um, hi.

apparently i was on a little bloggy break.

i’ve found that if there’s one constant amongst many/most/maybe all bloggers: lots of new content=deficiencies elsewhere in life, quiet blog=life getting in order.

i can’t be expected to blog and do dishes. puh.
i’ve been sewing. i’ve been crocheting. i’ve been cleaning and cooking and boo-boo kissing and book reading and exercising and Weight Watching.

okay so it’s basically those last two that pushed me over the edge. there’s a definite Outer Limit to just how much my brain can reasonably organize and coordinate at one time. and in order for me to focus on actually, actively losing weight and getting healthy something else gets shoved aside.

the high blood pressure that’s shadowed me since five was born was one thing. i didn’t have to blame myself--that wasn’t “my” fault. that was from the pregnancy. but then routine blood work showed i was also sporting a cholesterol level of 230-something…well. can’t blame that on the baby.

it was time to buck up. time to face the facts. baby got {too much} back.

so first i joined weight watchers online. why does it bother me to say this? i’ve spent some time psychoanalyzing myself. i’ve decided it’s not me. despite the jennifer hudsons and the jessica simpsons…WW has a definite “old people’s diet” vibe they can’t seem to shake. which they’re obviously trying to.
but the fact is it’s a good diet. i can eat with the family, i can have things i want and not feel deprived.

so i’m happy to announce that, with WW’s help, i’ve lost elliot, finally.

and by that i obviously mean the last lingering five pounds from growing her in ma belleh. gigi has proven to be more challenging. two pounds disappeared, only to return and bring a third last week. boo. it fits though. gigi is a stubborn little stinker. makes sense the weight from carrying her would be, too.

then i made major change number 2: i joined planet fitness. hard to beat $10/month gym fees. (although i sprang for the $20/month to get my five minutes in the massage chair after every workout. totally. worth. it.)

i’m really, really enjoying it. gasp! i KNOW, right? i’m pushing myself—cardio and weights and 30 minute circuits and ellipticals—and i’m starting to see the results. within 2 weeks of starting my new routines i almost passed out while stretching. HOW EXCITING! no really. because i came home and my blood pressure was 109/54. and after a few days of that i called my doctor and said NO MORE BP MEDS, please??!?! yup, it was that fast.

the way i see it—$10/month for BP meds or $10/month for the gym.

plus, the fact that their logo looks so much like the hitchhiker’s logo is a point in their favor…











come on now. what’s not to like about that?
judgement free zone meets don’t panic. just what i need.

i have two more months before my cholesterol gets checked again. if i’ve lowered it i’m golden. i will have avoided adding a second medication to my daily roster. i shouldn’t need one of those huge am/pm pill organizers at 33.

this will become routine. it already sort of is. and then i can turn my attention back to posting witty accounts of my adventures in sewing. or whatever it is i do here.

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