Friday, September 28, 2012

runway recap: because i must.

okay, let’s do this.
there are plenty of people out there doing project runway recaps, so i’ve shied away. but last night’s episode?

****WARNING: BEYOND THIS POINT THERE BE SPOILERS (and possibly dragons)*****


alright let’s pretend that the entire episode wasn’t just a huge shill for heidi’s new “line” of clothes for babies ‘r’ us.
let’s pretend it had anything at all to do with what the premise of the show is.

okay, no. can’t do it.
it was so fabricated and, well…dumb. baby clothing is a genre all to it’s own. the construction and design of garments for babies has very little in common with that of adults.
basically, it was a huge commercial. (although not nearly as bad as the “make a dress inspired by this…CAR!” challenge)


was the stunned disbelief really necessary? every designer was all huh? what are these tiny creatures? are they…people? only smaller? whaaaa?

and then they did the whole pseudo-huggy kissy thing. oooh my baby is SOOO CUTE!

::cue major eye roll::

granted every designer there is childless. would they have done this challenge if someone like, say, laura bennett was there? hmm. because face it—any mother would have ROCKED this challenge.
what’s that? an ENTIRE DAY to sew a garment? and what’s that? i only have ONE baby to care for while i do it? oh, you want me to go to mood with just the one baby strapped to my front?

puh-leeeze girlfriend. that’s a VACATION for me. send them shopping with five kids if you want me to be impressed.
every week jeremy and i watch and i can’t help but ask WHAT are they doing with all of their time!?! yes, you see the good ones come down the runway—the tailored coats and gorgeous gowns that definitely take hours of labor. but as someone who sews, when i see a shoddy looking dress with puckered seams and uneven hems and they had a DAY (or 2!?) to make it, i’ve got to wonder!?!?! if *I*, as a self-taught, untrained sewer can crank out a complete garment in a couple of hours, certainly these self-proclaimed and schooled “designers” ought to be able to create something decent with hours and hours of time and hundreds of dollars in supplies.

okay, moving on: the mechanical “babies”. as a silly twist i actually thought it was kind of funny. watching the designers reactions was priceless. the majority of them couldn’t scramble away from the real babies fast enough, and then finding out they had received the PR equivalent of a nightmare family studies assignment? HA!



although—side note—fabio? dude’s creepin me out a bit. i think there’s more crazy there than we’ve seen.

anyway, i can’t help but sigh at all the (what seems to me) obvious producer manipulation. heidi is NOT putting garbage out with her name attached to it. somebody better get in there and crack the whip—gather them dumb babies up and MAKE SOME GOOD CLOTHES. cue tim, here to “take the babies off to day care”.

and the “make a dress for mom that will be PART of the judging but not REALLY part of the judging so lets go to mood yay!!” seriously, i rolled my eyes so hard i saw my brain. i can only think they’re contractually obligated to go to mood at least once every episode? mood. mood. moodmoodmoodmood. thank you mood!

the clothes? well, in my opinion based on design alone dmitry should have gone. that ill-fitting crazy looking one piece jumper with a pointy hat? no. thank. you.



ugh. looking at this photo makes me dislike it even more. the praise for it was odd. and when michael kors started to question it and everyone jumped all over him? weeeiiirrrd.

but it was obvious elena was getting the auf. i haven’t been a huge fan—her designs just don’t appeal to me and her personality is kind of off-putting (understatement) but i didn’t hate last night’s. as a target demographic for the challenge last night i’d have to say her outfit was leaps and bounds over dmitry’s.



cute, usable pieces. and the mismatched colors are what’s in style now, right? or am i wrong?

eh. it was her time to go. she wasn’t making top 3, and melissa will probably be next. girlfriend can’t be squeaking by every week with nervous breakdowns and half-finished clothes. if she made it to fashion week she’d probably be sucking her thumb and crying in the corner.

okay, so to sum up: all in all the fact that i felt so strongly about this episode…well, i can’t help but think that’s a good thing. after last season—YAWN. i was starting to think maybe PR was done. but this season is giving me hope.
so what say you? good? bad? love? hate? agree? disagree? let’s dish.

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