Wednesday, July 18, 2012

sew set

SewSet. See.Save.Sew.

have you seen this yet?
genius. brilliant.

jessica of me sew crazy fame has done it. a website--easy to use, easy to browse, easy to upload to, and way waaayyyy overdue. it's a place to organize and browse for online sewing patterns and tutorials.

and i love it. 

i was thrilled to be a part of her testing group, and i'm even more thrilled that now the site is up and running for everyone! head over an check it out--STAT!

 you can see the patterns i've uploaded HERE!
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  1. Ack!!! Too much awesome!! Can't stand it!!! It's like Pinterest and Ravelry sort of rolled into one. Fan-freaking-tabulous!!


    Um, thank you for sharing this helpful resource, Shannon. To quote my Peanut, "I'll be very calm now."

    1. exactly! it's ravelry & pinterest's love baby!! for sewing! wa-hoo!

  2. Thanks so much Shannon!!! I am having so much fun with it - I think I may need to have a SewSet round up this weekend - HA!


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