Wednesday, June 27, 2012

sewing for the girls: zipping it up

this was fun, right?


we talked about how and where to buy bras.

i showed you how not to be afraid to alter a swimsuit.


my tutorial for a custom fit maxi dress was over at melly sews.


i shared a custom fit dress source that i’m loving.


and yesterday i showed you how i altered a button down blouse to fit better.


this has been a stretch for me—i’m much more comfortable sewing for and photographing and posting about my kiddos. but i’ve gotten a new blouse, two new dresses, and two new swimsuits out of the deal. so it was worth it.

hopefully you got something out of the deal, too—tips? ideas? even a good laugh?

well, regardless, this series is O.V.E.R.

hope you enjoyed!
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  1. I love your maxi dress for those of us who don't have the standard bra size! I have been thinking up a few ideas to make my own - including some sketches of your dress (I hope you approve).


  2. I loved it! I have never, ever sewn for myself other than skirts but I do buy a lot of ill-fitting clothes to get my bust into, and now I know better than to just let them be!

  3. Thank you for this series. I need to sew much more for myself as I am almost clothing-less and nothing in the store fits....


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