Friday, March 30, 2012

giveaway winner!

THANKS to everyone who entered to win the patterns, and to two girls patterns for sponsoring this giveaway!

so the winners of two patterns each from two girls patterns:


#5 who is:
Laura said...

I've seen those little diva toddler boots in person people. ADORBS! Especially since the googster crocheted (sp?) them in my favorite yarn....Caron Simply Soft. Waiting patiently for hand me downs : )

oh great. someone i know. here comes the “cheating” accusations. i swear! it was True Random Number Generator!!!!

okay, moving on…


and #10 who is:

kates_mom said...

Never entered a contest before, but these are just too cute. I'll make them for my grand nieces, my daughter's buddies' babies, probably hand out extras to strangers' cute babies at the grocery store. They're probably addictive.
If not, I'm going to have to join the 22nd century and learn how to use paypal, just to get my hands on the patterns.

YAY!!! girls, i need your email addresses! thanks again!

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