Monday, February 13, 2012


so it’s not new, but i was cleaning out some saved things in my “favorites” file and stumbled across the link to wordle.

i plugged in my blog address and it made me a word cloud filled with the 150 words most used on my blog:


it’s interesting to me. a quick snapshot into what i talk about/write about the most here.

some words expectedpictures, five, jo-ann’s (not surprising since they literally know me by name there), seriously (yeah, i know i use that last one way too much. seriously)

some random things—behr, resources, pocket, eight, oscar.

some funnybite and bit both made the list, as did LOUD, whack and ham. ham? really?

some things quite tellingIKEA being one of the biggest words. as is really. really? i guess, like seriously, it’s a word whisker i overuse.
another thing—gigi and five made the list, as did girls. but i don’t see my boy anywhere.


mommy guilt.

ever play with wordle? it’s free and pretty cool!

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