Wednesday, February 29, 2012


so have you seen this:

there’s some really great entries up over there (of course…i’m a little partial to entry #42)

today is the last day to enter, and next week the 10 competitors will be announced. it sounds like fun—and i’m always up for a sewing contest.

especially considering the winner gets a TON of gift certificates and credits to some awesome fabric and pattern shops (talk about feeding an addiction!).

and then there’s this:

project run & play is a favorite of mine. generally the contestants are by invitation…but this session they’re holding a pre-contest contest for 2 open spots.

the problem is both of these awesome competitions are actually happening in april. at the same time.


i think my poor husband may have a thing or six or seven to say about me entering both. so for now
i’m sticking with sewvivor (since i already entered). if i don’t make it into that one maybe i’ll try for PR&P.

ugh…so much sewing…so little time…
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