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the houndstooth of the baskervilles

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scientists are not really sure why zebras have stripes.

one theory holds that “as the zebras move and run in herds, the stripes may help to confuse predators, since a number of zebras moving and standing close together can appear as one large animal, making it very difficult for the lion to pick out a single zebra to attack.”
Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_do_zebras_have_stripes#ixzz1jelTdoIS

it’s not a bad theory. in fact, it’s one i’ve decided to put to the test:


can you pick out the weakest member of the herd?

i think it may work. how many kids do you have? not sure. how many do you see?

all things considered, it’s really not a bad picture. considering we were rushing to get out of the house (should have left FIVE MINUTES AGO says googiedaddy, standing just out of range on the right there). considering that trying to pose gigi is akin to asking a zebra to change it’s stripes. considering that when i told harrison to get his matching bowtie and suit on he mysteriously “couldn’t find it”. uh-huh. sure.

i was excited to make matching outfits from navy houndstooth specifically because it’s a fabric ideal for matching both boys and girls. and it would help alleviate my momma guilt over constantly sewing for the girls and not my little man.

so, just know this future adult harrison: i DID make things for you. and then you lost them.

but there it is--four girls, four houndstooth dresses, three coordinating fascinators and one coordinating headband. one missing boy with a missing matching bowtie (which was super cute).



two velvet capes for the middles.

i bought all the navy houndstooth they had at jo-ann’s during the black friday weekend sale. almost eight yards at $1.99/yard. with ribbon and zippers and buttons and the blue velvet and the feathers and birdcage netting i bought on etsy here i spent about $40, give or take, to dress my five.

not bad.

there was a method to my madness:
the little ms. elliot got a circle skirt, short sleeves and a drapey type neckline.


gigi got a circle skirt, short sleeves and a collar (and a crooked cape). and would NOT stand still for me to take a picture of her alone. stinker.


ava got a circle skirt, short sleeves and a boat neck.


the houndstooth on a circle skirt drapes with such a neat effect. i also cut her sleeves on the bias.


that was a biiiiiggggg circle. perfect for twirling :)


i love boat necks. such a pretty frame for the face.

guinevere got a boat neck, 3/4 length cuffed sleeves, and a straight skirt—befitting her more mature fashion sensibilities.



the back got darts after the fact to cinch it in a touch more, and then a big exposed zipper.


i’m having fun sewing for her as she gets older. her rapidly changing little figure is like a learning tool for me—how to fit the female form.


is it wrong to be jealous of your daughters’ dresses?

even though you made them?

the fascinators were so much fun.


big fluffy feathers (all of them came on one stick from the floral department at jo-ann’s. much cheaper than buying individual things!)


fabric flowers with rhinestone centers


and birdcage netting. LOVE.

can we bring that back for women? pretty please? because i soooo want to wear hats with veils.and maybe long gloves with big swingy coats. just to go to the grocery store. you know—without having people look at me like i’m crazy.

the capes i made from a gorgeous soft navy blue velvet. i used the girls’ sewing machine to add some silver embroidery around the neck and bottom.


i planned on making at least one more for guinevere…but this momma ran out of steam. (apparently i’m a steam punk momma)

velvet=sewing nightmare. the nap pulls it in random opposite directions while you’re sewing so nothing lines up by the time you get to the end. it’s like trying to sew two live cats together.

the capes have a coordinating lining…


that pulls in the lime green of the ribbon around their waist.

these dresses have a decidedly french flair that i love. and so do they.


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