Friday, December 16, 2011

friday brain dump + instagram fun + a link up!

i finished my family room curtains, and the curtains for harrison's room 2 weeks ago. and i've been planning on blogging them, like, pretty much every day. but i haven't yet gotten around to it.

and by "gotten around to it" i really mean "felt like cleaning up the mess around it so i can take pictures that look like we live like clean people and not like dirty people"

it was super hard to take this spectacular photo from the couch. i had to kind of sit up, and twist a bit to the side.

meh, maybe next week.

i've been lusting after rain boots. big time. stalking them in every store and website i think of/visit. but i've been unable to pull the trigger, seeing as all the ones i really love are like $30+.
last night though--
::insert angelic "aahh-AHHHHH" sound here::

one pair, an online return, clearanced down to $8.28 (by monkeys with calculators? srsly, who comes up with these numbers?), only 1/2 size larger than my shoe size (i'll wear thick socks)

granted--they're not houndstooth checked. but come on people--EIGHT BUCKS??

i'm drowning in navy houndstooth.
8 yards bought on black friday weekend for $1.99/yd = matching googies! yay! i don't care. i'm a dork and i'll match them as long as i have strength to thread a needle.
or until they revolt, whichever comes first.

but i'm almost done.
what you see above is the end result of my personal sweat shop.

also, what you see below is the end result of my personal sweat shop.

you'll see actual photos eventually.

i fed five the other day. well, i feed her everyday. but this particular day she turned her head just as i was giving her a spoonful. the smear looked JUST LIKE a mustache and goatee.

don't believe me?

Bonjour. I Am le bebe.

amirite? laughed for hours over that one.
even the tongue sticking out. she's all "now go away or i shall taunt you a second time. bfffftttttt"

how do we feel about babies with earrings? cause i may have gotten five's ears pierced.
okay, i totally did. and i just don't want to get a bunch of "you horrible pain-inflicting monster!"-type comments.
she cried for like a split second and it was over. just like the other three before her.

and plus she looks super cute.


my header. this one i'm not so happy about. it's kind of a placeholder header until i find/create a new one i like.
any suggestions?


finally, i'm linking up my random list here:

a link up of randomness. awesome randomness one can only assume.

have a good weekend!
googiemomma out.
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