Tuesday, September 13, 2011

anything you can do i can do better

did you ever see that standup routine seinfeld does about pharmacists?

how they're up on a raised platform because...why? "i'm taking these pills from this big bottle and putting them into this little bottle. nobody comes up here but ME."*

i'm starting to think computer repair is kind of along the same lines. sure, it was scary at first. but you know what? it wasn't all that hard.

geek squad is all "only WE can unscrew these special screws. only WE can unplug these tiny clippy things."

yeah, well, i have the power of the google, and i'm armed with a butter knife and a screwdriver. so i think i can repair my computer just as well as you can.**

especially the second time around.

plus i ate a bowl of oatmeal before i started, and i'm pretty sure that gives you extra brain power or something.

i thought i was hot stuff--took 'er apart, fixed the plug issue, put 'er {mostly} back together, and powered it up to see if how it was working.

which was JUST FINE, thankyouverymuch.

so i finished putting it all together..and boo-yah!


only two  teeny tiny screws leftover when i was all done!

now that's what you call success. right?
except, when i checked it again, i realized my touch pad mouse...not so touchy.

it was stuck in the center, mocking me with it's stationary-ness*** and stubbornly refusing to heed my commands--no matter how HARD i pushed on the touchpad, or used the power of my mind to will it UP. (yeah, i saw that episode of house)


so i took 'er all apart again, fixed the issue again (i just didn't plug one of those tiny clippy things all the way back in...gasp! maybe you do need professional training!), and put 'er back together again.

but it was totally worth it. know why?
cause the second time around:



*i totally say this in my head every time i go get a prescription filled...and giggle to myself. probably the pharmacist puts extra stuff in my pill bottles because he thinks i'm crazy and i need it.

**i don't really mean this, geek squad peeps. i think you are totally superduperwayimportant. please don't come to my house and break all my electronic things while i'm sleeping. plus, did you see my shirt???

***totally a word.

****these are my "totally" sidepoints. the 80's called. it wants it's slang back.

*****also, we'll get back to the "picnic" series tomorrow...i'm all tuckered out now. this computer fixin' is tough, yo. totally.
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