Tuesday, August 9, 2011

righteous indignation

i present to you what is, without a doubt, the worst thing ever sold at sam’s club:



who in the world needs that much nutella?

why would they even sell such a thing????

i’m thinking about calling the company to complain.

and—would you believe--somehow this package of deliciousness SIN found it’s way into my cart.

so clearly i had to find something to DO with it…you know, besides eat it finger-ful by finger-ful like a woman on a three-jar mission. (and on a completely unrelated note: man this baby weight is hard to lose)

fortunately i found this: nutella cookies via erin’s food files.

it made this:


i know, right?

that became these:



here’s my warnings to you: they are unbelievably delicious, and almost painfully addictive. the recipe should be doubled, if not tripled.

save yourself.

i’ve got 2 1/2 more jars calling me from the pantry, and recipes like this and this calling from my recipe file.


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