Monday, June 20, 2011


i’m not a collector.

figurines, spoons, memorabilia…none of that really holds any draw for me.
if i had to name something i “collect”, it would probably be fabric. maybe books.

maybe children. ;o)

but this collection i can get behind--
debbie reynolds has been collecting movie memorabilia for over 50 years. her collection includes something familiar


sadly, her entire collection was just sold at auction. the “ascot dress” from my fair lady went for an impressive $3.7 million.

shoot. i was just $3.69999999 million too short.

just to see these items in one place would have been incredible. she had plans for a museum, but they unfortunately fell through.
the big seller?


isn’t it delicious?

marilyn’s “subway” dress from “the 7 year itch” sold for {gasp} $4.6 million!!!

seriously. wrap your mind around that for a second. it's what--3 yards of fabric?

anyway, the collection was incredible—judy garland’s dorothy dress, elizabeth taylor’s cleopatra dress and headpiece(s), things worn by grace kelly and charlton heston and madonna and even mike myers!

iconic film costumes covering the last 80 years of big screen productions.

le sigh…
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