Friday, March 4, 2011

kind: adj. - having, showing, or proceeding from benevolence: kind words.

thank you.
thank you very much.

just hearing (reading?) people say "hey, that stinks. sorry" or "i've been there, done that. it hurts" means so, sooo much.

i couldn't believe the response i got to my last post, and it was truly wonderful.
i don't mean to go all sally field on ya...but, well, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

as an update...
since then i've been to the chiropractor twice, the midwife once, and talked to my pcp on the phone twice. i've spent a LOT of time in bed alternating between heat and ice on my back, and i'm taking tylenol regularly (per the advice of my dr....i'm generally not a real big medicine gal--especially when preggers, but it's got it a time and place and this is SO DEFINITELY the time and place)

is it helping?
well, i'd love to tell you that i jumped out of bed this morning like i just came from a church tent revival--you know--all "SHE CAN WALK!!! IT'S A MIRACLE!!" and whatnot.

sadly, that was not the case.

i am feeling better. (i'm whispering know, just in case...)

the combination seems to be helping. the blindingly stabbing pain has mellowed to a dull persistant throb, with occasional bursts of OHWOWTHATHURTS.

the hard part now is making myself stay in bed and not overdo it and reinjure or exacerbate my issues. i know you fellow mommas can relate.

so that's that.

and, because i know you're curious--after today's chiro trip, googiedaddy and i ran into the target to pick up a couple things...
and yes, i rode the electric cart.
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