Monday, February 14, 2011

monday monday, can’t trust that day

it’s a two-edged sword.

the big 3 head back to school, googiedaddy heads back to work.
i can get the house back in order, organized.

it needs it. bad.

i’m eating my oatmeal with a fork as i type this, because there’s not a clean spoon to be found. anywhere.

the laundry pile has exceeded the bounds of the laundry room, and is slithering it’s way down the hallway like a fabric lava flow.

there’s a sticky spot on the floor from something that spilled this morning. it’s red. it’s bad.

the kids took a hodge-podge of food to school for lunch today, because we have no bread. i was supposed to make that yesterday.

but all i want to do is collect all the rice filled heating pads i made for the kids, heat every one piping hot, and surround my unwieldy pregnant body in their soft warm embrace.

heating pad whoo-whoo’s

how cute are these things?

suzanne over at just another hang-up made about 400 of them for her grandbabies. and she so generously posted a free pattern and instructions! (she just asks that you leave her a comment if you download her pattern)

of course, suzanne’s whoo-whoo’s are super cute. she used really beautiful coordinating fabrics, looks like she handstitched around the eyes & belly, she probably even handstitched the bottoms closed…stinker.

seriously, how cute are these guys? she did a beautiful job.

and as soon as little bear saw them on the computer she flipped—“whoo-whoo’s mommy! i love it the whoo-whoo! i wanna whoo-whoo!”

and we all know how i respond to that. :)

so i pulled some stuff from my stash—fabrics i had laying around for the body & belly/heart, t-shirts from the scrap pile for the eyes & beak…i picked the fabrics for little bear’s, and once the older googies got wind of what was going on they dove right in—picking fabrics for their whoo-whoos.


the backs are all leftover brown minky fabric from the “lyle” blanket i made. snuggly quotient increased by about 500%.


they are in L.O.V.E.


honestly, you would think i just gave my kiddos the greatest thing since sliced bread (which, as previously mentioned, there is a lack of in our home right at the moment)

our microwave has been going non-stop since the last whoo-whoo rolled off my sewing machine. we found 1 min. 20 sec. to prove to be the ideal whoo-whoo heating time. (suzanne recommends throwing them in the oven for a minute or two, but the microwave is instant gratification)

it took me about 2 hours to cut & sew all four of these little guys. not bad at all. the pattern is incredibly simple, and as long as you don’t mind using all the rice in your house, then having to go to the store to get another 5 lb. bag, it’s totally worth it.

three girly whoo-whoos, and one “boyish” baseball whoo-whoo.

enjoy day one of

and remember--if you have something "owl-y" to share, please drop me a line at reds123 (at) comcast (dot) net!
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