Friday, February 4, 2011

all quiet on the southern front

yesterday, on my way to work, little #5 did some kind of a weird flip/turn/wiggle thing in my belly. it was rather wild, and definitely unusual.

and then that was it.

i thought it was odd. but i figured she would start bouncing around soon and it would be fine.

10, 11, noon...nothing. by 1 i was starting to stress a bit. so i downed a quick cup of coffee and some dried fruit, figuring a little burst of sugar would get her going.

still nada.

as i got ready to head home at 3, i asked googiedaddy what he thought. should i call the midwife?


by the time i got through to her i was on my way home. she listened to my concerns, listened to my hemming and hawing about how stupid i felt and how it was probably nothing.

and then she told me to just on head up for a quick ultrasound.


apparently, she didn't realize she was supposed to tell me i was crazy, it was nothing to be concerned about, give it until tomorrow...

so i turned around and headed back to work to pick up googiedaddy. we drove home to drop off little bear at mom-mom's with the rest of the googies, and headed up to the hospital.

i can hear you all...moms yourselves...stressing and whimpering right now. it's coming right through my computer screen. so i'll make it clear right now: EVERYTHING WAS AND IS FINE.

as soon as the technician put that ultrasound wand thingy on my belly i strained my neck--i could just make out the tiny flicker of a heart beating away.
there were some tears. she is fine.

and then the tech continued to scan...she finally cocked her head to one side and started chuckling.
"do you see how she's laying?" she asked.

five had managed to wedge herself completely sideways in my belly, and completely folded in half. her toes were at her nose.

now, in case you're more of a visual learner, i've done up this handy drawing to help illustrate what i mean:

no wonder i felt a rough wild movement.

and no wonder i didn't feel much more after that.

deep breaths.

all's well that ends well.

no matter how many you have, it never becomes routine. and they each have the ability to cause your heart to skip a beat...or ten.
no matter whether in the womb or out.

so now i'm off to work on my next project--a maternity tee...

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