Saturday, January 8, 2011

four weddings and a funeral

we went. we saw. we know.

it’s so exciting. you could say we were tickled pink. or did we giggle until we were blue in the face?

we left our appointment, and stopped for icees. i had the hardest time deciding—blue raspberry? or pink lemonade?

either way, we headed back to the car for the ride home, listening to some tunes…my memory is hazy—was it pink or the moody blues?

and as the evening ended we enjoyed a beautiful sunset as a family of seven. although i’d be hard-pressed to say if i found the wispy pink clouds or the deep blue evening sky more stunning.


do you think i’m funny? because i do.
in case you were wondering, some other idioms i couldn’t fit in: blue in the face, like a bolt from the blue, in the pink… there are a lot more “blue” expressions than “pink” expressions.


what’s that you say?
just spill the beans already?


well, there’s a lot more blue than pink expressions, but there’s a lot more pink than blue googies.


googie #5 is a girl!

not everyone is super happy about it though…
little man took the news hard. and honestly, so did the googiemomma. i really had a gut feeling it was a boy. (so much for gut feelings) and i knew it wasn’t going to make my boy happy—so my heart broke for him.

we set up a scavenger hunt for the kids. clues leading them through the house to the big reveal—a gift wrapped onesie declaring “little sister”.

they loved the scavenger hunt.
but when the onesie started coming out, girlfriend girl said “uh-oh, i see pink”.

and little man broke down.
he had taken the news hard when we found out little bear was a girl. and he does love his baby sister. but the boy wants a brother.

we consoled him. we pointed out the benefits to being The Only Boy.
we told him “hey, you’re going to get a new room now!” (four girls requires some rearranging)
he said “i don’t want a new room. i want a little brother.”


so i did what any good momma would do.

i blamed daddy.


it is his fault, after all.

a good night’s sleep and some extra cuddles from mommy and daddy have gone a long way towards acceptance--if not overwhelming excitement--of another sister.
he’ll be fine.

meanwhile, i think googiedaddy is buying stock in kotex.

and i may have to start running some ads on here to save up for {gulp} four weddings.



and little man quietly mourns the loss of a potential (possible?) baby brother.

since i know you’re wondering-NO.*

*we will NOT be trying again for a boy. this shop is CLOSED. you hear me googiedaddy? C.L.O.S.E.D.

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