Monday, October 18, 2010

yeah, so...

uh, blogging.
about that...

i gotta be honest here. i get about 4 good hours a day. after that, i'm basically immobile. on the couch, willing myself with every fiber of my being not to puke.all.over.

it's pretty much status quo for me at this stage.
baking (or cooking of any sort), crafting, sewing...not so much right now.

i could show you all the half finished projects i have sitting at my sewing table.

i could tell you about all the ideas i have for future projects (including all the things i want to make for this little peanut)

i could write up posts about projects i've done and never talked about.

i could even write up some witty story about how i sleep for hours at a time, cry at stupid commercials, make my poor overworked husband clean and cook because i'm too nauseous to move, and how when i finally eat it's things like salt and vinegar potato chips and a bowl of life cereal. you know, a funny story that would have you loling like crazy.

but yeah....i'm pretty much just on the couch.


maybe this helps?

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